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Achieving Justice Legal Blog

retro typewriter with white paper page. vintage stylePaul became a weekly newspaper columnist in January of 2007, when his first column entitled “It’s not about screwing the insurance company” was published.

You bite it you bought it

Should a “you break it you bought it” type accountability apply to dog attacks? It does in Ontario, where they have enacted a Dog Owners’ Liability Act. You can access the act through this link. Legislation can be difficult to understand. But not the key provision in this act: “The owner of...

ICBC Injury Judgment Summaries

gavelPaul has recently begun publishing ICBC Personal Injury Court Judgment Awards on his Achieving Justice legal blog.

Appeal fails to assail credibility

If ICBC appeals the decision of the trial judge, is my credibility on trial a second time? In the recent judgment of McKenzie v. Lloyd (2018 BCCA 289) the Court of Appeal was asked by defence counsel (appointed by ICBC), to overturn the trial judge's decision. The first collision resulted from...