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Paul Hergott in the Media – archive

Click to watch Global News – Road safety advocate promotes awareness – aired November 17, 2016

In Focus | Paul Hergott

Kelowna Now gets up close and personal with Paul Hergott…

“It feels like you now know more about me than my wife does! I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon and planted my roots in this town.”

Read the full article here: In Focus with Paul Hergott by Kelly Marcolin

Published June 1, 2017

Top 40 Over 40: On a soapbox about safe driving

Congratulations to Paul Hergott for being named the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce’s Top 40 Over 40.

“Society and government is not doing enough. There’s a need for so much more public awareness.” 

Read the full article here: Top 40 Over 40: On a soapbox about safe driving by Steve MacNaull

Published June 1, 2017

We’ve Got a Serious Attitude Problem 

Tim Schewe’s road safety column featuring Paul…

Sometimes when I read articles on road safety I come across one that really resonates with me. A story from 2008 written by Paul Hergott titled Drivers Need to Smarten Up When Out on the Road is one of them. Paul starts off by saying ‘We’ve got ourselves a serious attitude problem. We see driving as a right.” 

Read the full article here: We’ve Got a Serious Attitude Problem by Tim Schewe

Published March 19, 2017

Feeling the Traffic Pressure

Barry Gerding highlights a negative trend in driving statistics and references how Paul Hergott has been pointing it out all along… 

“Paul Hergott, a West Kelowna lawyer who specializes in accident claim cases, said he is not surprised by the crash rate increase in Kelowna.

He points to minimal accountability for inattentive driving habits and the focus behind crash prevention initiatives as being misguided, two points that he has advocated about for many years as road safety columnist for the Kelowna Capital News.”

Read the full article here: Feeling the Traffic Pressure by Barry Gerding

Published March 7, 2017

Car Crash Victims remembered in Kelowna

Alistair Waters reports on One Crash is too Many’s Annual Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.

“I say that we have been missing the point with our approaches to safety, we have been focusing our attention and our resources on the symptoms rather than the illness…”

Read the full article here: Car crash victims remembered in Kelowna by Alistair Waters

Published November 17, 2016

One Crash is too Many

Lori Welbourne references Paul’s advocacy of the safe driving 10 and 2 Challenge which encourages drivers to maintain driving concentration by keeping both hands on the wheel. 

“The word accident suggests something couldn’t be helped, virtually all crashes are preventable and are usually caused from someone driving inattentively, recklessly, impaired or falling asleep at the wheel.”

Read the full article here: One Crash is too Many by Lori Welbourne

Published May 28, 2015

Drunk Driving Deaths Down for a Second Consecutive Year

Jeff Nagel recognizes Paul Hergott as a road safety advocate, mentioning the National Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims hosted by Paul’s non-profit organization One Crash is too Many.

“Paul Hergott, a Capital News columnist and advocate for safer driving habits, led the National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims service held in the Orchard Park Mall Parking Lot last week.”

Read the full article here: Drunk Driving Deaths Down for a Second Consecutive Year by Jeff Nagel

Published November 27, 2012

Legal Beagle Has Plenty on His Plate in Addition to the Law

Lori Welbourne’s column about Paul’s involvement within the Okanagan community..

“If the name Paul Hergott sounds familiar, it might be because he’s helped you with a legal issue, captured your attention with his legal column in the newspaper or fed you a hot diggity dog at the Westside Daze parade.”

Read the full article here: Legal Beagle Has Plenty on His Plate in Addition to the Law by Lori Welbourne

Published April 5, 2009


Paul Hergott on the Radio

980 CKNW – The Jill Bennett Show

Paul comments on the Vancouver Skytrain attack against a Muslim woman where only one person stood up to intervene.

“I think the law should require something, anything of intervention, maybe that would break through this bystander effect.”

Date aired: December 17, 2017

AM1150 Morning Talk Show with Phil Johnson

Paul takes advantage of his Top 40 Over 40 recognition interview to discuss the consequences of distracted driving.

“Politically they made the decision to ban only hand held cellphones, and what does that do? It tells British Columbians that it’s safe to drive hands free.”

Date aired: June 1, 2017

Sunday Night Sex Show with Maureen McGrath

Paul talks to Vancouver’s local Sexpert about distracted driving and sexting, and sexual acts in a moving vehicle.

“15% of drivers will admit to participating in some sort of sexual activity behind the wheel…”

Date aired: April 23, 2017

Steele & Drex | News Talk
Paul Hergott is interviewed for his perspective that we have a “driving disease” regarding the level of care that drivers deliver while on the road. 

“Each of these incidents that are being referred to in the Lower Mainland as ‘accidents’ or ‘fender benders’ might be causing lifelong injuries because injuries really do occur with collisions that aren’t those fire and brimstone ones that have people taken away in helicopters.” 

CKNW – Paul Hergott Interview Part 1 of 2

CKNW – Paul Hergott Interview Part 2 of 2

Date aired: December 5, 2016

Paul Hergott on the Internet