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Thank you so much for all your help with navigating my way through the ICBC politics.  Its guys like you that give lawyers a good name and restore my faith in humanity.

Hergott Law

We are unwavering in our ethical prosecution of personal injury claims and absolutely insist that our clients be honest and forthright about their injuries and the ways the injuries are impacting on their lives.  We refuse to accept cases from those who seek to profit from a collision by exaggerating their claims, and if we determine that a client has lied to us, to ICBC, or under oath, we will terminate our retainer.

You can expect to be treated with honesty and fairness at Hergott Law.  For a law firm, a quick settlement is the easy route.  We actively prepare for trial starting the moment you retain our services so that ICBC will see the writing on the wall and offer a fair settlement to avoid an inevitably fair result at trial.  Unless you absolutely insist on settling your case prematurely, we want you to wait until your future losses can be most accurately estimated, which means that on average our cases settle 4 ½ years after the date of injury.

If ICBC does not make a fair settlement offer, we are always fully prepared to take your case to trial.  Unless you insist that we do so, we will not settle for anything less than what you deserve.