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Ron and I are just sitting here shaking our heads in disbelief that someone as busy as you would take the time to talk to us about my problem.  You have no idea how much your words of advice have comforted me.  I know that in your practice you are met with victims of MVA’s who are suffering and need legal help/advice and it makes me feel good to know that someone like you is there to help.  You didn’t need to spend precious time on a Sunday night talking to us, but you did.  We will never forget your kindness and it makes us happy to know there are good people out there who really care.  You are one of those rare people.  Thank you Paul.

Hergott Law

A work ethic cultivated through Paul’s Saskatchewan farming background and a strong sense of teamwork developed though years Paul served in the Canadian military reserves have together interwoven into the fabric and culture of Hergott Law.

While building Hergott Law in the local community, Paul Hergott was recognized by the local chamber of commerce for excellence in customer service, and for service excellence.  This award winning delivery of legal services has carried through to the handling of personal injury claims for injured victims throughout the Province of British Columbia.

We are the direct opposite of the “personal injury mill” that takes on cases on volume and settles them quickly to maximize law firm profits.  We are a boutique law firm that is very well staffed with caring people to allow us to provide a level and quality of service that is beyond compare.

Every case is handled by a team led by Paul Hergott.  A junior lawyer, Case Manager and Claim Evaluator work together, supported by the Records Management Team (ensuring that all relevant document sources are identified, collected and processed) and the Transcription Team, that transcribes your clinical records for ease of review, by you as well as by the specialists we retain to provide expert medical opinions about your injuries.

Our approach includes regular client consultation.  You will be booked regularly to meet with a lawyer or Case Manager either in person, by telephone or by Skype video conference.