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I am so very grateful that I was guided to you, Paul, and to the wonderful women of Hergott Law. The immense patience and consideration you have given was a gift as generous as the actual monetary settlement – however, it is the gift that will live on forever in my heart, long after the money.

Hergott Law

Sometimes injury victims are advised to hold back on returning to work, or to the activities that made life worth living.  That kind of advice will cause you to be victimized a second time, and quite frankly is bad legal advice.

The lawyers at Hergott Law will advise you to “live your life” as if there is no compensation coming for the many losses you have suffered and are continuing to suffer.  The only person who benefits by making those losses any bigger by holding yourself back is your “contingency fee paid” personal injury lawyer.  By showing your motivation to return to work, and by struggling to return to your activities, you will build the kind of credibility that cannot be shaken by nasty and unfair ICBC defence tactics.

Don’t let yourself be victimized a second time. You are already a victim due to the carelessness of a negligent driver.  Don’t allow yourself to be victimized a second time by adjusting your behavior because you think there might be someone following you around with a video camera, or because you think that stoically returning to work might be used against you.  Live your life.