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Income Loss

  • Published by Jill Bishop,

How will the court assess my loss of earning capacity if my injuries prevent me from pursuing my career dreams, but my dream career has yet to begin? In yesterday’s decision of Bains v. Gret’s Projects Inc. (2017 BCSC 1530), the plaintiff

  • Published by Jill Bishop,

If I have a dismal work history, pre-existing psychological issues and alcoholism, can I still prove that my injuries will cause me a future loss of earning capacity?  What factors will the court consider? In a decision released yesterday, (Miller

  • Published by Jillian Dean,

Will I be awarded for future income loss if I am doing okay right now?  My pain isn’t terrible, but will likely ebb and flow as I age – how will the court view my future losses? In a personal

  • Published by Jill Bishop,

I run a business and am able to write off many quasi-personal expenses for tax purposes. I also write off work done by my kids as contractor expenses even though I didn’t actually pay them. Clearly my earning capacity is

  • Published by Jill Bishop,

If I rely on my physique to build my personal training business, will my loss of physique result in compensation for income loss? What if my business was new, and I had pre-existing injuries? The case of Kingston v. Warden 2017 BCSC

  • Published by Jill Bishop,

If I am forced to change careers as a result of my injuries, will I be compensated? What if I managed to stick it out in a physically demanding career for years after the crash? What if I choose a

  • Published by Paul Hergott, Personal Injury Lawyer,

I was forced to use up vacation / sick days in order to take time off from work to recover from my injuries. Will I be compensated for the benefits I was forced to use up? All too often individuals

  • Published by Jill Bishop,

If I haven’t missed any work, nor lost any clients – will I be able to satisfy the court that my injuries will cause me future income loss?  What if I have an unrelated heart attack that DOES cause me to

  • Published by Sara-Jane Bennett,

I had a career that I loved and was successful in. My crash injuries were such that I had to give all of that up and pursue something new. Will the courts compensate me for the cost of my retraining