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  • Published by Hergott Law,

If I am injured in an assault, will the judge award punitive damages to punish my assailant?  What if my other damages are significant, and already impose financial hardship on the assailant? In a decision released this week (Rycroft v.

  • Published by Hergott Law,

If you’re pursuing your education and Chartered Accountant designation, but collision injuries derail that plan and result in you settling for a different designation, should you be compensated for the related reduction in earning capacity?  What if you are female

  • Published by Hergott Law,

If a plaintiff has previously been injured, and the previous injuries require some ongoing treatment, can she/he claim for compensation for future treatments? The claim for future treatment expenses is called “cost of future care”.    What is the purpose of

  • Published by Paul Hergott, Personal Injury Lawyer,

Is a personal injury claim one that can be pursued in court without a lawyer? In the April 30, 2015, decision in Ducharme v. Badler, 2015 BCSC 940, Madam Justice Fitzpatrick considers the cost consequences for a plaintiff who was