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left turn

  • Published by Jillian Dean,

Who’s at fault when someone turns left without keeping a lookout, and someone else runs a red light? In this week’s case, Justice Crawford was asked to opine on liability in a collision where the plaintiff, turning left in a

  • Published by Jillian Dean,

Do I have to wait for oncoming traffic to completely stop before turning?  Can I assume they’ll stop if I see them slowing down?  Shouldn’t they expect someone like me to be executing a left turn across their path on

  • Published by Jill Bishop,

Is the left-turner always at fault in a collision? What if the through driver is also negligent? Today’s summary comes from a 2010 decision of the Supreme Court (Kelly v. Yuen 2010 BCSC 1794). Mr. Justice MacKenzie provides a thorough