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Meet Your Team – Archived copy

Hergott Law Personal Injury Law Firm

The teams at Hergott Law
The superior quality of service offered by Hergott Law would not be possible without the ongoing efforts of our experienced case managers, and the dedicated members of our extended teams.




The Legal Team directly assists Paul in the assessment / quantification of claims and preparation for taking those claims to trial.

Case Managers

Our Case Managers are a valuable part of our team, and work closely with our clients. They are well qualified and trained to manage the day-to-day administrative duties for the client files to which they have been assigned.

Record Management Team

Hergott Law has established a team of assistants to look after ordering the records for our clients. In order to serve you better, we feel it is important to have frequent updated records from your treators, and that the most efficient way to ensure this is done in a timely manner is to have a group of people trained exclusively to look after this function.

Transcription Team

Hergott Law is pleased to be able to offer our client’s their medical records in a format that is easily reviewed. Most cases take years to settle, and require many records be ordered from various medical offices. Imagine trying to read your doctors hand writing to refresh your memory of your medical history! Our transcriptions are trained to review and pull out the important pieces of your records, transcribing them to an easy to read spreadsheet, so you can quickly review and refresh your memory of events.