We  were planning  to have a fun girl’s weekend, shopping and visiting a spa and relatives.  All plans were off as I was a passenger in a vehicle rear ended- in a multiple car accident. Our car was totalled, which seemed  an easy fix but the injuries from the crash were underlying and difficult to treat, as different symptoms would just show up-out of the blue over the next several months.  After the shock and trauma of the incident, we tried to regain normalcy as soon as possible.  We did everything possible to recover, doctor visits, physiotherapy, chiropractor and massage therapy, exercises and to follow ICBC’s recommendations. As the time passed and a full recovery seemed out of reach, ICBC became impatient and just after the year anniversary of the crash, wanted us to sign off on the claim- an amount which was very low considering the ongoing treatments costs . As ICBC stopped paying a portion of the health care practitioners fees, and the two year anniversary of the accident came on the horizon, we knew we needed to get some help.

We had no experience with lawyers, other than buying or selling real estate. We had been reading online  and newspaper articles, about personal injury  cases as the topics were true to our current experiences. We also  talked to friends and coworkers about their experiences with car accidents and  their recovery and experiences with ICBC.  That is when I made the call to Paul Hergott, who returned my calls and emails on a weekend, and arranged to meet me on holiday weekend!  He gave me information to read and consider before retaining his services. 

- B.R. - December 30, 2015

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