In October 2012 we sustained injuries from a car crash due to a distracted driver that rear ended us at a stop light. After one year of stressful interaction with ICBC, we made a decision to seek assistance and that’s when we hired Hergott Law. Paul Hergott and his team were dedicated, compassionate, and professional in negotiating fair compensation for our injuries. Team members kept in constant communication with us throughout the process and were always available to address any questions or concerns that we had.  Everyone we dealt with had compassion, expertise and humor… what more can you ask for in a firm that deals with personal injury claims?  We were very pleased with the outcome and would happily recommend this firm to others. The only down side to resolving our case is that we won’t get to chat with these fine folks on a regular basis and we miss them already!

- Brue & Michele Morris - September 30, 2016

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