When I realized that I would need legal representation to deal with ICBC after my MVA, choosing Paul was a very easy decision, especially after taking his advice and talking to a few other lawyers. I could tell right away that he would approach my case with the most positive, genuine, and professional attitude. He also took a bit of a chance on my case, as it was not as straightforward as most. But he understood the losses I was potentially facing better than I did (also compared to the other lawyers), and ultimately knew that I in fact had a solid case (while some other firms seemed to shy away from it). I had read many of his articles online and could see how immensely passionate he is about what he does. He offered lots of free advice not only through his articles, but he also spent hours with me on the phone before I hired him, and never put an ounce of pressure on me (again, unlike the others). Paul is highly motivated, very knowledgeable, and genuine and cares about his clients. He is in the profession for the right reasons.

As my case progressed a second lawyer, Jillian Dean, was assigned to my case. She has worked incredibly hard, always made time for me, been hugely supportive (she’s a great listener), and has always been super straight with me, which I especially appreciated. She was pushing hard for the best outcome possible and felt very strongly that my losses should be fully compensated. Jillian has been nothing short of amazing and lovely to deal with. I feel very lucky that she was on my team through this long journey.

The Hergott Law firm has amazing staff. Every one of them have been personable, professional, and very well organized (my GP even commented that it was clear to her that I had a very good firm representing me compared to other ones she has dealt with that weren’t nearly as professional and organized). There is no better feeling through this stressful process than to have a solid team of good, hard working people behind you, knowing they are striving for the best result possible- which is compensation only after maximum recovery has been achieved with all treatment options exhausted. In the end, I believe the credibility of the Hergott law team and their meticulous building up my case, are the reasons ICBC finally acknowledged the losses suffered and offered fair compensation, sparing me all the stress and uncertainty trial would entail. Paul took a chance on me and I know we are both very glad that he did.

- C.D. - May 30, 2019

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