After having been involved in a difficult, lengthy, and complicated process between myself and ICBC following a serious motor vehicle accident, I sought the services of Hergott Law.  I could not have asked for a better law firm to assist me.

They were crucial in navigating and assisting with an understanding of what ICBC requested and to help explore treatment options that were not explained very well by ICBC.

Hergott Law provided advice when my employer would not accommodate my workplace needs.

Paul is a superstar – very confident, transparent, and has a system that works. Paul has a great sense of humor and can keep things light when going through the process is tough.

In terms of his team:  Robin, Shannon, Sara-Jane, Elenna, Susan, Jess, Ashley, Lauren, Crystal, and Dani were fantastic and able to manage any concerns or questions that were directed their way!

As ICBC has removed the ability for clients to retain legal services following involvement in a motor vehicle accident, I have heard Hergott Law will be transitioning into a new area of practice.

No matter which direction Hergott Law choses for the future, I would recommend Paul and the Hergott Law team based on the exceptional service provided to me during one of the most difficult experiences of my life.

Thank you again Paul and the team at Hergott Law!

- Dustin M. - January 30, 2023

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