I’ve dealt with Hergott law for two separate claims, the latest one was a motorcycle crash in which I was not at fault. When I came to Hergott for the second claim, Hergott Law stood on their head to ensure that the paperwork went through on the very last day of the limitation period to protect my rights. In the most professional manner, the staff then collected the information needed to proceed with the rest of the claim. The Case Managers and everyone I spoke with in the firm from top to bottom, including Paul were very professional and my claim was dealt with very thoroughly. Dealing with the medical care side there was assistance from Hergott law. They helped with suggestions and directions on what I might need to ask my doctor in order to improve my condition. As I started to experience a busier lifestyle and I was plagued with family emergencies and other issues I was prompted and coached through with persuasive suggestions, while the case managers who prevailed to reach out to me and assist me in the direction of doing the best for my claim, Paul Hergott would personally do updates on how i was progressing and the status of my claim. When I had meetings and discussions for quantification, the staff at Hergott Law were very informative and helpful with guiding me along the way and directing me with what I could do to provide them with the information to get the best result for my claim. I want to note that this was a multi-insurer claim represented by two insurance companies and two defence lawyers which Hergott Law managed to deal with on my behalf very well. In the over 5-year period this claim was managed by Hergott I never felt at any point in time that I was not a priority. Even with the changes to regulation and laws enacted by ICBC I was kept informed and educated about how those changes would affect my claim. I felt that while entertaining offers that I was also kept informed and updated, all the while my best interests were kept in mind to achieve the maximum value for my injuries for now and in the future. If you are on the fence about choosing a lawyer to represent you, you don’t need to look any further than Hergott Law and I have recommended Hergott Law to many people. You can look around or you can just save time and choose Hergott law and start working towards a positive outcome that has your best interests at heart, now and in the future. Don’t you deserve the best ?” 

- Randy Martin - March 30, 2022

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