I was involved in a rear end collision back in March of 2016.   An uninsured driver wasn’t paying attention and rammed my Smart Car.  The damage to the car was light but I wasn’t as lucky and I suffered bad whiplash and considerable damage to my right shoulder.  At the time, I didn’t think I needed a lawyer and just wanted to let my injury heal but ICBC began to pressure me to settle about six months after the accident, going so far as to seek a medical assessment which actually confirmed everything I had been telling them.  I began to realize this was way out of my wheelhouse and a friend suggested I talk to Paul Hergott.   I am grateful I did, immediately he and the team at Hergott Law began to work on my behalf.  Their concern for my well being was genuine and I felt they really cared.   From that moment on, I didn’t have to deal with ICBC directly which alleviated a lot of the pressure I had been feeling.  Throughout the process, which took a fairly long time, the team kept me abreast of all things transpiring and helped me deal with a number of physical issues that arose and which needed additional care.  In the end, thanks to Paul and the team, I receive a very fair settlement.  I appreciate all they have done for me and I want to thank Tami, Corin, the rest of team and especially Paul for his work and help.

- Rick Worrall - April 30, 2022

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