My family and I very strongly recommend Hergott Law to anyone seeking legal representation in a personal injury insurance claim. We are absolutely thrilled with the final settlement, Paul Hergott and his associates negotiated and settled on my behalf.

On December 19, 2015 I was struck down by a utility vehicle on a crosswalk and was hospitalized with serious but non life-threatening injuries.

Everyone, including the RCMP officers who attended my accident advised me to get legal representation in my insurance claim with ICBC. I was very anxious and confused. I thought I should be able to get a fair settlement from the insurance company without lawyers. I was so wrong!

On advice from a friend, my daughter contacted Hergott Law for advice. After listening carefully to my daughter recount details of the accident, Paul advised me to work closely with the medical/rehabilitation team and follow all advice to make the best possible recovery. He said if I made a complete recovery in a few months I would not need him. However, if I did not make a complete recovery, he would be happy to take my case.

By May, I knew I would need Paul’s help. I had developed several complications from my injuries and required care from several medical specialists and a comprehensive rehabilitation team.

Despite surgery and intensive therapy over 4 1/2 years, I have a permanent neuropathy in my leg which will require special treatments from a Chronic Pain Clinic.

Throughout my long trek with recovery, Paul and each member of his legal team have been consistently professional and ethical in their communications and actions with me and my claim. They have provided encouragement, advice and updates regarding what was happening with the legal process. The case managers have been incredibly patient and helpful, especially Jessica and Shannon.

I would advise any person injured in a crash to:

Always describe what has happened to you truthfully.

Follow all medical/rehab advice to get restored as near as possible to one’s pre-accident state of

Seek legal advice from Paul Hergott

Follow all Paul’s recommendations re keeping detailed records or a journal of symptoms and care.

Trust Paul’s superb negotiating skills. He certainly knows what he is doing!

Use only one credit card or one line of credit for all crash-related out of pocket expenses, to make accounting easier.

Thank you ever so much, Paul and team for helping me get a fair settlement!

- Sandy - August 30, 2020

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