In January of 2017, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in which I was injured. At the time, I did not know how serious my injuries were and received only minor treatment for them. I realized that I had three months to decide whether to seek out the assistance of a lawyer or to deal with ICBC on my own. As these three months were coming to an end and I could tell my injuries were getting worse and not better but still not convinced I needed a lawyer I decided to call Hergott Law and discuss my situation with them.

Upon calling, I spoke with Paul Hergott, who stated that due to the fact the three-month time limit was fast approaching and that he believed I had a compensable claim that I should proceed with hiring a lawyer, and that if my condition improved by the end of the next three months that I could part ways with him and settle with ICBC on my own, without having to pay anything for his services up to that point. My condition continued to worsen during these next three months, and it was good advice to have a lawyer represent me during my claim process.

Paul and his staff, kept in constant contact with me updating my file every three months or so, and made sure I was seeking the proper medical attention required. His staff did an amazing job at keeping my file up to date and staying in contact with me. At the end of this long journey, I also had a plan for future treatment by qualified specialists to assist me in coping with my ongoing pain. Paul successfully represented me with my ICBC claim and was able to obtain a settlement that exceed my expectations, and one that I am extremely satisfied with.  I would highly recommend HEROTT LAW should you find yourself in a similar position as mine.

- Gordon D. - November 30, 2020

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