Over five years ago now, I was involved in an MVA where I had sustained a wiplash injury as a result of another individuals carelessness. Myself being eighteen at the time, I had no idea where to start with dealing with ICBC. With the constant calls and pressure to settle, my dad, whom also was in an MVA, suggested that I at least give Paul Hergott a call. I knew that after briefly speaking with Paul Hergott, my mind was made up and my choice was made to hire the Hergott Law team to my case. My case has recently settled and I am absolutely grateful that I chose to go with Hergott Law. The Hergott Law team has been beyond exceptional to deal with and I felt that any time I had questions or concerned, they were immediately addressed taking a significant amount of stress off of an already stressful situation to have to go through. I have recommended the Hergott Law team and will continue to recommend Hergott Law to anyone who was in the same situation I was over five years ago.

- Ryan Bertrand - December 20, 2018

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