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My response to media report – No reimbursement of drunk driving fines

I agree with the concern that a lack of a financial “win” to correspond with the legal victory might impact on the public’s inclination to challenge laws on the basis of their constitutionality. We must be ever vigilant about ensuring that… our rights and freedoms as citizens are protected.

On the other hand, regardless of the constitutionality of the law in place at the time, none of those drivers should have been driving. Consequences are important to modify behaviours of those drivers as well as the driving behaviours of all of us. Those consequences have had an incredibly important impact on driver behaviour in British Columbia. Retroactive removal of those consequences might have reversed the gains that have been made.

I hate politics, and this is not a political statement, but good on our political leaders for making the elimination of impaired driving a priority and not being phased by whatever negative political fall-out might have flowed from heavy administrative penalties and the negative impact on the food and beverage industry. Why don’t you also take a strong stand against distracted driving and eliminate cell use altogether when driving? The science is that hand held/hands free is of no impact on the significant distraction of a cell phone conversation that takes your brain away from the important driving task at hand….