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Anniversary column

Anniversary ColumnDear Friends,

This one’s “all about me”, though some might suggest that I’m always “all about me” and I would have to, as a matter of my personal philosophy, agree.

I consider you a friend because you are reading this column.  Perhaps you happened to stumble on it and I’m over-reaching our relationship.  Otherwise, you are actually interested in what I might have to contribute; I consider that one of the most precious levels of friendship.

This is my anniversary column.  My first, the yellowed newsprint framed in my office, was published nine years ago on January 7, 2007.

I am thankful to a dear friend of mine who, at the time, was an advertising consultant selling into the “Westside” section of the Capital News.  She invited me to draft a handful of columns for the editor’s consideration.  Ironically, she later started writing her own column, “On a Brighter Note”, quickly becoming a much more widely read columnist than I.  Thank you, Lori Welbourne!!!

I am also thankful to Al Waters (Assistant Editor) and Barry Gerding (Editor), of the Capital News, who have undertaken the burden of reading my columns week after week after week, and have decided at least to this point to continue publishing it.  As of mid-2011, the publication of my column was extended from being carried only in the “Westside” section, to general circulation.

My deepest thanks, though, is to my wife, Terri.  I qualify for that ugly label: “workaholic”, which means I spend entirely too much time working and too little time with those who love me.    I face a deadline every week to submit my column.  Many (most?) weeks I’m whining about needing a column topic with a souring mood.  Terri always comes up with good ideas, which I regularly reject in favour of something else that “moves me”.  She then reads my draft, offering her valuable feedback.

Nine years of columns at about 50 columns per year (I rarely miss, but it does happen) totals 450.  I figure it takes me a couple hours for each column.  That’s over five months of full time (40 hours per week) “work” that my wife has tolerated, adding to my “workaholic” time away from the family.

I do love it, though, and that’s why my wife tolerates it.  I feel that I am making a useful contribution and that feels good.

Without readers, my column would be empty words on a page.  Yes, I thank you too: for your interest in what translates from my brain to the keyboard on a weekly basis.

I have a request, friends.  My father Al, himself a former columnist with a Catholic newspaper, “The Prairie Messenger”, warned me not to expect much feedback.   It was a wise warning.  Those of you who have invested your time to read my column on a regular basis, I would very much appreciate if you could please provide your feedback to assist in pointing me in the right direction as I enter my 10th year.

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