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Hergott dreaming if he thinks the Mrs. will comply

I must admit my shock at Mr. Hergott’s choice of subject matter in his latest column.  See excerpt:

“Have you ever heard of road head?…  I, for one, resolve that if I am ever presented with an offer, I will gently but firmly scold my wife and pull over to where the offer can be accepted safely.”

First of all, what really is road head??  When I first heard the term, I thought it was a band.  When I discovered its true meaning, I joined my husband on the “safe driving” bandwagon.

And now Mr. Hergott has suggested that this might be something that I would even remotely consider.

I would hire a lawyer for defamation of character, but frankly, they cost too darn much.  And so I will simply say, for the record, that there will never be a need for Mr. Hergott to pull over to a safe location.  The only way “road head” would ever happen in our vehicle, would be in his dreams, and we all know that Mr. Hergott would never drive tired.

It might be noted that this entire column came about when I challenged Mr. Hergott to write a column showing that this particular distraction might be safe while driving…  As ever, Mr. Hergott has taken my suggestion, and jumped on the bandwagon.  I, along with millions of females out there, thank Mr. Hergott for showing us the danger of the particular distraction while driving.  I say we should unite and take a safe driving pledge – no more putting on our make-up, talking on the phone, texting our friends – and above all, no more road head.  Let’s all do our part in making the roads a safer place.

Published May 29, 2012 in the Kelowna Capital News

Original article by Mr. Hergott: Sexual favors have no place in a moving vehicle