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The Hergott Law Difference


A work ethic cultivated through Paul’s Saskatchewan farming background and a strong sense of teamwork developed through years Paul served in the Canadian military reserves have together interwoven into the fabric and culture of Hergott Law.

While building Hergott Law in the local community, Paul Hergott was recognized by the local chamber of commerce for excellence in customer service, and for service handling of personal injury claims for injured victims throughout the Province of British Columbia.

We are the direct opposite of the “personal injury mill” that takes on cases on volume and settles them quickly to maximize law firm profits. We are a boutique law firm that is very well staffed with caring people to allow us to provide a level and quality of service that is beyond compare.

Our approach includes regular client consultation. You will be booked regularly to meet with a lawyer or Case Manager either in person, by telephone or by Skype video conference.

At Hergott Law our top priority is to provide you with service excellence.

Our Team

Every case that Hergott Law agrees to pursue is handled by a team led by Paul Hergott.

A Junior Lawyer, Case Manager and Claim Evaluator work together, to give you and your claim the direct attention you deserve.

Assisting them, we have our Records Management Team and Transcription Team, whose function is to identify, obtain, process and transcribe absolutely every relevant medical record that exists.

As with any business, there will be lawyer and staff turnover. Our teach approach, always having Paul Hergott at the helm, ensures that your case will never fall through the cracks and will always be moved forward to achieve a fair result following appropriate time lines.

Leading Edge Technology

Our firm has been a leader in the development and implementation of paperless document and file management.

Our systems were developed “in house” and are therefore not vulnerable to any 3rd party data management program or company. We are actively training and supporting other law firms in the systems we have developed.

Multiple data back-up systems ensure that your data is far more secure than paper systems that would be vulnerable to a single office flood or fire.

Our systems allow every member of our team to have instant access to your file, and allows us to share data with medical and other experts we retain to help prove your case. The systems are also environmentally friendly, reducing the photocopy/reprographic expenses incurred because the transfer of data can occur by disk rather than by $0.35 per page photocopies.


The public often perceives that a personal injury claim has a predictable, inevitable value.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

A lawyer who prepares a case as if it is going to proceed to trial, who has carefully analyzed the case to maximize recognition and proof of losses, and has proven himself or herself ready, willing, and able to run a trial, will achieve a far better settlement than a lawyer who has developed a reputation with ICBC for settling for cents on the dollar.

We have achieved an enviable record of success for our clients and have earned the respect of the medical and legal community. We are a firm that other lawyers and medical professionals recommend.

Our Values

We are unwavering in our ethical prosecution of personal injury claims and absolutely insist that our clients be honest and forthright about their injuries and the ways the injuries are impacting on their lives. We refuse to accept cases from those who seek to profit from a collision by exaggerating their claims, and if we determine that a client has lied to us, to ICBC, or under oath, we will terminate our retainer.

You can expect to be treated with honesty and fairness at Hergott Law. For a law firm, a quick settlement is the easy route. We actively prepare for trial starting the moment you retain our services.  Unless you absolutely insist on settling your case prematurely, we want you to wait until your future losses can be most accurately estimated, which means that on average our cases settle 4 years after the date of injury.

We are the direct opposite of the “personal injury mill”. We are a boutique law firm that is very well staffed with caring people so that we can provide service and quality beyond compare.  We are a firm that stands beside our client to insist on fair results.