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FAQ: Hit and Run Claims

I was injured in a hit and run. What impact does that have on my claim?

ICBC is setup to fully compensate British Columbians for losses incurred in a hit and run car crash. This means the value of your claim will not be affected by the fact that the crash was a hit and run.

However, as the victim of a hit and run collision, you have some additional responsibilities to ensure that you achieve fair financial compensation (see next question).


What are my responsibilities after I’ve been hit? 

After you have reported your hit and run car crash to both ICBC and the RCMP, you must make an effort to identify the offending driver. This responsibility can be fulfilled by seeking out witnesses by posting signs, posting to social media, and/or requesting the help of the media to track down the offending driver.

The result of your efforts will not impact the coverage of your claim. It is simply important that you make an attempt to track down the driver.

Relying on your ICBC adjuster for hit and run claim advice is not always the best way to be informed of your rights. We recommend seeking legal advice and reading this column:


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