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FAQ: Vehicle Damage

Insurance Agent Inspecting Damaged Car With Insurance Claim Form On Digital Tablet

I was hit at a very low speed. Do I still have an ICBC claim? 

If you have sustained injuries in a car crash, the speed of the impact qualify or disqualify you for making a claim. ICBC sometimes references their Low Velocity Impact Policy to disqualify claims that occur at low speeds. This is misleading because the Low Velocity Impact Policy has been refuted in court, and therefore cannot be used to deny your claim.

In some cases, it is necessary to rely on the assistance of a lawyer to ensure that your rights are being enforced.


What if there is very little damage to my car – does that impact my ICBC claim?

Similar to vehicle speed (mentioned above), vehicle damage has no impact on your claim. Personal injury claims are about pain and the limitations caused by that pain. External evidence such as vehicle damage cannot be used to minimize the value of your claim.


When I sell my car, I will be paid less because I now have to declare that there was more than $2,000 damage. Will ICBC have to reimburse me that loss?

When the resale value of a vehicle is negatively affected by a car crash, it is referred to as accelerated depreciation. In certain cases where the accelerated deprecation has been verified by an appraiser, ICBC has been required to reimburse for the loss in resale value caused by accelerated depreciation.


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