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FAQ: Negotiating an ICBC Claim

What should I do if ICBC gives me  deadline to accept their offer?

Providing a deadline for acceptance is a tactic that is used again and again by ICBC, and it’s almost always complete nonsense.

There are rare circumstances when a time deadline is not just a tactic and should therefore be taken seriously. One is when the deadline is the two year ‘limitation period’ deadline. If the second anniversary of a crash passes without a lawsuit being commenced to preserve your rights, they could be lost forever.


How much higher will ICBC’s offer get with negotiations?

It’s a classic tactic in an ICBC Claim negotiation to start with a lowball offer. For example, if they start negotiations at $5,000.00 or less, you can feel like you’ve really “won” when, after some negotiating, they offer up $15,000.00.

However, you, the unsuspecting victim, doesn’t know that fair financial compensation could be up to $40,000.00 or more.

Your best bet is to always consult with a lawyer for a free claim evaluation, and get an honest idea of what your claim is actually worth.


My doctor says I’m going to fully recover.  Is it time to settle my claim?

When you are injured, the recovery process can take several years.

My advice is to fully embrace the optimism of your doctor and believe the true science that the odds are in your favour to achieve a complete recovery. Wait, though, until that recovery is achieved before entering into a settlement negotiation.


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