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FAQ: Pursuing Recovery for your ICBC Claim

Do I have to go to all of those treatments?

In order to receive fair compensation for your personal injury claim, you need to pursue all medically recommended treatments. Our clients often find the number of appointments required difficult to fit into their daily lives, however, it is crucial that you find a way to make it work. Committing to your recovery is the first step to achieving fair financial compensation.


Should I be accessing my own extended medical benefits?

Yes, you should pursue any extended medical benefits that you have in addition to any coverage that ICBC will provide.


Should I see a chiropractor who has entered into a lump sum deal with Exercise for kneeICBC?

No. Chiropractors who have entered into a lump sum deal with ICBC have a conflict of interest with their patients and ICBC. If your chiropractor has entered into a lump sum deal with ICBC, they are required to report directly to ICBC and they are financially incentivized to perform less treatment than may be medically necessary for your case. Read more here:


What if I cannot afford care?

Failure to mitigate

Personal injury claims create significant financial burdens because the upfront treatment expenses are not compensated until years later when the claim is settled. This cannot be used as an excuse for skipping recommended treatments, and doing so will result in a settlement that is less than fair.

It is important to demonstrate your commitment to your recovery by attending all recommended medical treatments. This might mean borrowing from your savings, friends, family or line of credit. Affording care is a common issue for most personal injury victims, and your lawyer will be able to help ensure that you get access to credit for treatment.


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