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Free Case Evaluation

Hergott Law is dedicated to achieving fair financial compensation for injured victims. We have never, and will never act for ICBC or any other insurance company.

It is important that you learn about your legal rights, and how to protect your claim, as soon as possible after an injury occurs, whether or not you have any intention of hiring a lawyer. Understanding how a personal injury claim works and having the benefit of important advice, consultation and guidance will equip you to ensure you take steps that are important to maximize the likelihood of a fair result and to ensure that you avoid taking missteps that could jeopardize your claim. There are also technicalities such as “limitation periods” that ICBC will use to try to deny your claim if given the chance, which you need to learn about.

It is also important that your consultation be confidential. It is well known that ICBC will treat you one way, when they think they can build your trust into accepting an unfair settlement, and then all of a sudden they treat you differently once they know that a lawyer is advising you. Your consultation with Hergott Law will be strictly confidential, and can be conducted by telephone or Skype if you fear that ICBC has you under surveillance.

In fact, you may end up choosing to keep ICBC in the dark about our involvement even after you choose to retain our services. While we prefer to insulate our clients and the treatment team from ICBC to avoid unfairness, sometimes financial realities require us to provide ongoing advice and support confidentially until ICBC takes the inevitable step of cutting off their “generous” reimbursement of your expenses/income loss (which they know they will have to reimburse at some point, anyway, which is why I put “generous” in quotes).

Finally, it is important that your consultation be at no cost to you. If you are required to pay hundreds of dollars to get the important advice you need to be given, you will be less inclined to get that advice. Further, the choice of a personal injury lawyer is a very serious one, and one that ought not to be made until you have interviewed a number of lawyers. Having to pay each of them for their advice would likely discourage you from that important interviewing process.

Contact us to book a free, confidential, initial consultation with your file management team. The team consists of me, Paul Hergott, your Case Manager, and an associate lawyer in my firm. We feel that it is important that you meet with the entire team as you will be working closely with the Case Manager as well as the associate lawyer and it is important that there is a good fit. I am directly responsible and involved in every Hergott Law case, but I cannot do everything on my own so I have implemented a team approach to ensure the highest level of client service possible.

We provide services to injured victims residing all over the Province of British Columbia. If you do not live close to our head office, we will make appropriate arrangements to conduct your initial consultation by other means, i.e. by telephone, Skype or by one of your team coming to consult with you in your home.


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