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No Recovery No Fee

Our fees are a percentage of the amount of financial compensation we recover on your behalf. If we recover no financial compensation for you, we recover no fee, though that has never occurred in our practice. In fact, in every case we have handled, our client has ended up with more financial compensation in his or her pocket, after paying our percentage fees, than ICBC or any other insurance company has offered in settlement before our involvement (significantly higher, in most cases).

You cannot base your decision about hiring a lawyer on what has occurred in every case that lawyer has handled thus far, or on what has occurred in “most cases”. The reality is that ICBC and other insurance companies regularly “low ball” unrepresented injured victims. What we have encountered for results is likely no different from any other competent personal injury firm.

Like every other personal injury law firm, we will incur fees pursuing fair financial compensation on your behalf and will require you to reimburse us for those fees. In most (close to 100%) of cases, ICBC will reimburse every dollar of these expenses. In most (close to 100%) of cases, we also advance all of these cases until the case is concluded.

In every case, our contingency fees and expenses are fully explained in writing. There are no surprises at the conclusion of the case.

Contact us to book an initial consultation with your file management team. The team consists of me, Paul Hergott, your Case Manager, and an associate lawyer in my firm. We feel that it is important that you meet with the entire team as you will be working closely with the Case Manager as well as the associate lawyer and it is important that there is a good fit. I am directly responsible and involved in every Hergott Law case, but I cannot do everything on my own so I have implemented a team approach to ensure the highest level of client service possible.

We provide services to injured victims residing all over the Province of British Columbia. If you do not live close to our head office, we will make appropriate arrangements to conduct your initial consultation by other means, i.e. by telephone, Skype or by one of your team coming to consult with you in your home.