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defence medical exam

  • Published by Jill Bishop,

If ICBC has already sent me to an expert, can their defence lawyer send me to another? What if the first expert was very thorough? This question came before Master Wilson of the Kelowna registry earlier this month (unreported –

  • Published by Jillian Dean,

ICBC wants to send me to a second medical examination – do I have to go?  What if I don’t like the doctor they want to send me to?  Can I object to going based on my review of the

  • Published by Paul Hergott, Personal Injury Lawyer,

I have already attended a number of different appointments at the request of the defence, how many additional defence medical examinations can they send me to? Some of the appointments seem the same, isn’t it a waste of time and

  • Published by Paul Hergott, Personal Injury Lawyer,

What happens if I see a specialist at the request of defence counsel and they don’t obtain a medical opinion? Does this mean I just wasted my time or are there any consequences for defence? What sort of impact could