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Multiple Claims

  • Published by Jill Bishop,

If ICBC appeals the decision of the trial judge, is my credibility on trial a second time? In the recent judgment of McKenzie v. Lloyd (2018 BCCA 289) the Court of Appeal was asked by defence counsel (appointed by ICBC),

  • Published by Jill Bishop,

If I am injured in an assault, will the judge award punitive damages to punish my assailant?  What if my other damages are significant, and already impose financial hardship on the assailant? In a decision released this week (Rycroft v.

  • Published by Paul Hergott, Personal Injury Lawyer,

I have commenced a claim for a motor vehicle collision that was not my fault. Before that claim resolved, I was involved in a second motor vehicle collision that was my fault. Will the second collision impact the ongoing claim

  • Published by Jillian Dean,

If I am involved in a number of crashes, how does compensation work?  What if the injuries from each crash built on the injuries from the last?  What if there is no objective evidence of my serious injuries? In the

  • Published by Sara-Jane Bennett,

I can’t believe that I am continuing to suffer from significant pain arising from a really minor collision where the vehicles were not going terribly fast and there was very little damage.  ICBC doesn’t believe it either.  Am I still

  • Published by Paul Hergott, Personal Injury Lawyer,

If I have been in crashes in the past does that mean I don’t have a claim? Do the injuries from my previous crashes have an effect on the value of my claim? What if none of these crashes are