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expert opinion

  • Published by Hergott Law,

If the defence expert becomes argumentative and starts advocating for ICBC, will the court accept their opinion?  What if the plaintiff has credibility issues? In yesterday’s decision from the Kelowna Registry, Mr. Justice Cole rejected the opinion of Dr. Laidlow

  • Published by Paul Hergott, Personal Injury Lawyer,

Is it necessary for a psychiatric expert to medically diagnose a psychiatric illness in order for me to receive compensation for the psychological impacts a motor vehicle crash has had on me? Today’s case is a Supreme Court of Canada

  • Published by Hergott Law,

I’ve heard of people exaggerating injuries looking for a big payout. How do the courts determine if someone is exaggerating their injuries for attention or monetary gain? The recent case of Ma v. Haniak (2017 BCSC 549) involved a plaintiff