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Loss of earning capacity

  • Published by Hergott Law,

I can work now, but I’m worried about the future – what if my pain gets worse as I age?  Will I be compensated for that? In the 2016 case Deol v Sheikh (2016 BCSC 2404), the plaintiff was a

  • Published by Paul Hergott, Personal Injury Lawyer,

Prior to sustaining injuries in a motor vehicle collision I was an independent contractor working in a highly competitive and demanding industry, however, since the collision I can no longer deliver the standard of service my clients expect. How will

  • Published by Hergott Law,

If you missed work initially after injury, does that prove you’ll miss work in the future? What if your recollection about ongoing missed work is unreliable and your worries about your current role are unsubstantiated? In this week’s case of

  • Published by Hergott Law,

If a loss of capacity is supposed to be an assessment, not a calculation, is there a need for economic evidence? In Dunbar v. Mendez, (2016 BCCA 211), the trial judge assessed the plaintiff’s loss of capacity to earn income