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past wage loss

  • Published by Jill Bishop,

Will a realtor be able to prove commission losses for hypothetical sales?  What about loss of future earning capacity where she is plagued by ongoing symptoms? In the case of Willett v. Rose (2017 BCSC 627), the plaintiff was a

  • Published by Jillian Dean,

If I am able to work for a year or two after the crash and then quit, will I be compensated?  What if I thought I could push through and get better, but over time, my injuries make working unbearable? 

  • Published by Paul Hergott, Personal Injury Lawyer,

What if the court inadvertently counted a loss twice? What if the result was to award extra due to the double-counting? This case, Nahal v Ram (2016 BCSC 1439), is a review of a damages award obtained by the plaintiff,

  • Published by Paul Hergott, Personal Injury Lawyer,

Why would I go back to work if I am still in pain? Doesn’t that make me look like I’m okay? Shouldn’t I stay home to prove that I am hurt and cannot work?  Will I be entitled to past