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Current events

Ignorance abounds! I am not intending to use that word with a “stupidity” connotation. My declaration is the written version of a “selfie”! Merriam-Webster online defines ignorance as “a lack of knowledge, understanding, or education”.  I certainly don’t lack education!  [...]

Payments System Hacking

“Can we sit down and talk?”. A deer caught in the headlights, the 44 year old in the video complies with the request.  The much younger woman he is meeting, Chantal, then introduces herself: “I’m Chantal, with Creep Catchers…” He [...]

It looks like ICBC insurance rates are going up again.  According to Transportation Minister Todd Stone, ICBC will be seeking an increase of between four and seven per cent. The last two rate increases, each in the five per cent [...]